Aovo 365 Pro Electric Scooter

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Local based Showroom and Workshop with highly trained electricians and mechanics available to assist. Upgrades, repairs, spares and advice.

Sine wave motherboard, accelerate & brake more smoothly, safety, unique on the market.

speed/battery/mileage display

APP lock for scooter, light switch ,scooter switch off, cruise on/off ,scooter speed zero & non-zero start, automatic shut down time setting

UK GUARANTEE, UK Workshop and Showroom with Spares, Upgrades, Trade-ins, Repairs



AOVO 365 Pro  
An amazing, lightweight folding scooter, one of the best sellers ever in the UK due to the following quality components used:
Max load: 120KG
Bluetooth Smart App control
350 watt brushless motor  
High Speed is up to 30 km per hour 
Huge Lithium Battery: 36V 10.5Ah (A total of 105 x 18650 Li-Ion Cells) 
Range Per Charge is 25-33km 
8.5 inch Honeycomb tyres for suspension 
Charging Period: 4-5 Hours 
Waterproof: IP65 (Rain & Puddle Proof) 
Adjustable Regenerative Braking : Electronic Brake + Disc Brake 
Easy folding in 3 seconds 
Front and Rear lights 
Has 3 speed settings 
Easy to set up and use 
Comes boxed with set up and user manual 
Set up is a few minutes. 
Front and Rear lights for safety at night. 

It is illegal to ride Electric scooters on public highways, pavements, cycle lanes or bridleways, only on private property with the owner’s consent.


We are actively making efforts to legalise E-scooters, however, It is currently illegal to ride E-Scooters / some E-Bikes on public highways (roads) and pavements. Please keep this in mind before you purchase an E-Scooter as you must abide by the UK law and the ROAD TRAFFIC ACT 1988. The use of E-Scooters is allowed on private land as long as you, the rider has permission to use the E-Scooter on the private land.

2 reviews for Aovo 365 Pro Electric Scooter

  1. B Woodstock

    These are amazing scooters, the best out for under £300. We have three different ones and everyone in the family agrees this goes faster, lasts longer and feels safer. Just saying, can’t remember how much we paid for the others but it was a lot more than £300 I remember that

    • Gordon Riley

      Thank you for your comment! These scooters are very popular and appreciated by everyone. They make great gifts and are always reliable when rode properly.

  2. Josey Whales

    The best budget scooter for under £300 that we could find online. Bigger battery than all the others and safer too. Discovered it had bluetooth so we can keep a track of things.

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