Kids Booster scooter 150W


Small Booster scooter 150W

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150W motor

Stable speed

E-ABS (Electric brakes)

Power Recycle

Energy Saving

Colour: Black


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Works like a normal push scooter, but has power in it to assist the user in travelling at a stable speed.

Users can travel at a stable speed with the power assist motor, When the user needs to slow down or brake, the E-ABS system is used which is an electrical brake that uses a sensor to efficiently slow down while also using the power recycle feature to capture and recycle the energy from the scooter slowing down.



We are actively making efforts to legalise E-scooters, however, It is currently illegal to ride E-Scooters / some E-Bikes on public highways (roads) and pavements. Please keep this in mind before you purchase an E-Scooter as you must abide by the UK law and the ROAD TRAFFIC ACT 1988. The use of E-Scooters is allowed on private land as long as you, the rider has permission to use the E-Scooter on the private land.

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