Repair Service Terms & Conditions

Before Booking your repair with us, It is recommended you read our Terms and conditions​

Yorkshire Electric Scooters carries out repairs on different types of E-Scooters, E-Bikes these repairs include, mechanical services, electrical services and tyre / innertube changes. Yorkshire Electric Scooters reserves the right to decline specific repairs based on the type of vehicle.


How much will the repair cost?

Repair costs vary depending on the parts used, time taken, and type of vehicle being repaired. The customer will always be notified before any additional work is done on the scooter that has not been previously agreed. This variable cost structure is to ensure that a customer has an awareness of the approximate cost for investigation, repair and parts before it is undertaken. By accepting these Terms & Conditions you agree and understand that the cost of repair will vary between jobs undertaken of different types and Yorkshire Electric Scooters has permission to hold vehicles until payment has been made by the customer.


Our current hourly rates for repairs are:

Electrical Engineer service: £35 per hour

Mechanical Engineer service: £25 per hour


How long will it take my vehicle to be repaired?

The time frame of each repair varies on the priority of the job and the type of repair. Electrical and mechanical repairs tend to take longer due to the complexity of diagnosing the issue and ensuring a repair has been made to a high standard. Our team will always call the telephone number given by a customer to discuss the options before carrying out any work on your product that has not been previously agreed.

Tyre change jobs can usually be done in a shorter time frame, please note jobs are done on a first come first served basis which will have a bearing on the time it will take to complete.

Another factor in how long a repair job can take is when specialist parts that we do not hold in local stock need to be ordered. These parts are ordered from the manufacturer or an authorised supplier and can occasionally take longer to arrive than anticipated.

How will I know if my product is repaired?

We will update you on the job status once it is completed. We usually do this by contacting you via the telephone number you provide, however, if you do not pickup then we will leave a voicemail and wait for your reply.